Hard at work at the Learning Circle, at Foundation House.

Sally & Lynn recently led a Learning Circle for Innoweave’s Youth CI Mar 29th, 2017, engaging Collective Impact groups at various stages to share their insights, challenges and successes.    These collectives are groups of cross-sector organizations coming together to solve challenging issues in their communities, in this case, all focused on youth.  They are tackling issues related to education, violence, employment and more.

With over 30 participants, a lot of ground was covered. While a dozen different topics were addressed, about half of them related to looking at ways to have more and better engagement with various groups, including partners and youth.  There was also a significant focus on sharing experiences around determining the right scope for the work initially, and expanding from there to leverage the CI work to additional groups and funders.  Overall, participants appreciated the opportunity to connect with one another, and realize many others are on a similar, challenging but rewarding journey.  Stay tuned for a deeper dive into the findings!

Collective Impact Workshop 1
If you’re considering a Collective Impact journey of your own, Innoweave’s next national Collective Impact Workshop 1 is May 17th and 30th, 2017.  Lynn will be leading the session.  Applications are due Fri, Apr 21sthttp://www.innoweave.ca/en/workshops/collective-impact/58a4c51f-01a0-49d4-a5ad-6702413c357a


Funding applications for Innoweave’s Impact & Strategic Clarity program
And while we’re at it, if you’re looking for the sort of clarity for your own organization that CI provides for groups of organizations working on an issue, check out Impact & Strategic Clarity.  Funding applications for Innoweave’s Impact & Strategic Clarity program are due July 1st.  Apply early!  http://www.innoweave.ca/en/modules/impact-and-strategic-clarity/grants