As we reflect on the past year, we are hopeful about the opportunities for healing and rebuilding we see within communities. This year the pandemic and global movements around Black Lives Matter and Indigenous rights have exposed long-standing inequities within our systems. We are inspired by our partners’ and clients’ generosity, collaboration, and innovation during these uncertain times.

Although many organizations are stretched for resources and capacity, we are seeing them readjust and reorient programs to continue to serve those most in need. We have seen individuals and organizations be generous with their time, knowledge, and resources. We are thankful for the unique gifts they bring.

The increased collaboration between organizations has brought about new opportunities for multi-sectoral solutions. Efforts to find strategies that “multi-solve” for interconnected social and environmental problems have emerged, with organizations coming together to tackle systemic issues. We are encouraged by this form of collective action and look forward to seeing this work build in the new year.

The innovation seen across the sector during this time has been remarkable. We have enjoyed online conferences, webinars, and engagement opportunities that remind us of the importance of social connection. We’ve seen countless organizations work tirelessly to adapt to emerging needs in an unpredictable context, finding new ways to support and strengthen their communities. We are hopeful that this next year will bring further innovation and community-building
as we look to heal and rebuild through and beyond the pandemic.

As we close out the year, we wish you hope and joy this season.