The best part of winter is beginning- longer days and clearer skies. Our best wishes for a beautiful holiday season with your family and friends and sunny days ahead in 2020.

As we reflect on the year that is coming to a close, and plan for what looks to be an exciting 2020, our thoughts have been turning to signs of hope, celebrations of the gifts we share and the joy that comes from making a difference in our communities.


We’re excited about new innovations in social finance and ideas for new financial intermediaries to leverage investors interests in social and environmental impact. We’re inspired by how these tools are helping to build impact in green energy and affordable housing. We have hope from a new generation of philanthropists and social and systems entrepreneurs getting engaged.

We’re celebrating the broad and deep collaborations and collective impact initiatives underway across the country, in which people with lived experience, social and environmental NGOs, government, business and educators come together to share their gifts and wisdom to solve complex problems in their communities. Volunteers share their gifts to make their communities better and kinder. We know that many services can’t happen without volunteers caring for their neighbours and neighbourhoods.

And finally, joy.
An arts organization we are working with is building joy into their Theory of Change, as a measurable achievable outcome of connecting in an authentic way with their changing community to bring music to a broader audience. We think creating more joy is a wonderful aspiration.

We wish you hope and joy this season, and lots of chances to share your gifts.