Our Services:  Helping you define and deliver your social impact

Impact &
Strategic Clarity

These projects follow a structured, proven process, developed by the Bridgespan Group and modified by Innoweave, a program of the J.W.McConnell Family Foundation

Over 6 months, using our process expertise, we coach your senior leadership team to build on your knowledge and experience, to develop practical strategic priorities and focus.

Generally, teams work with us in workshop settings and coaching calls every two weeks.  The result?  Everyone in your organization is aligned to a clear vision of the impact you aim to have on the people and causes you care about, and you’ve developed a firm foundation for strategic planning.

Want more?  Here’s a webinar overview of the Impact & Strategic Clarity program »

We provide similar support for groups of organizations working together on an issue – see our Collective Impact Webinar Overview »

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With strategic clarity as a foundation, we help organizations operationalize their key priorities and plan for financial and organizational change. We tailor engagements to fit your needs and budget, and ensure your key stakeholders are engaged and supportive of the final result.

Social Impact Advisors offers light touch and more comprehensive strategic planning engagements to suit your needs and budget.  This might include:

  • Facilitated internal focus groups and working sessions
  • Secondary or primary research
  • High level or detailed content for your strategic plan
  • Publication-ready online and print reports.

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& Coaching

Social Impact Advisors can develop and run an engaging, interactive board retreat, strategic planning process, focus group or community engagement project.

  • Our strategic planning work produces actionable plans for impact everyone can support
  • Our work with senior leaders and operations teams helps bring your strategic plan to life, including timelines, accountabilities and reporting
  • Our engagement sessions and focus groups help you gather insights and buy-in to drive your impact further faster
  • Governance sessions build the capacity of your board to engage with the community, look to future trends and manage risk

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Enabling bold organizations
to deliver
social impact

will benefit:

1. Gain clarity on their organizational purpose, priorities and accountabilities
2. Hold themselves accountable for delivering on what they aim to achieve – their intended impact
3. Operationalize their strategy
4. Have a framework for assessing new strategic opportunities
5. Measure progress toward the organization’s impact
6. Improve their positive impact on society