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Impact Conversations is a show about change makers getting things done. Sally Fazal and Lynn Fergusson of Social Impact Advisors talk to NGO leaders, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and environmental innovators about their goals and how they’re reaching them. Check back for a new episode every second Thursday.

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Making Data Accessible to Address Inequities, through the Toronto Child & Family Network’s Raising the Village initiative

In this episode, Social Impact Advisors Partner Lynn Fergusson interviews representatives of the Toronto Child & Family Network.   

Kelley Baldwin provides backbone support to the Toronto Child and Family Network, a network of about 100 organizations. 

Tamara Augsten, who’s had a lead role in developing the Network’s Raising the Village initiative shares the value of this database.

This initiative has pulled together data from various partners’ sources, such as EQAO standardized testing, Toronto District School Board, and the census, and made 120 indicators easily accessible to anyone, in a way […]

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Hope for the Homeless – with Proof, with Foundations for Social Change CEO Claire Elizabeth Williams

As co-founder and CEO of Foundations for Social Change, Claire Elizabeth Williams is getting global acclaim for North America’s first direct giving project with people experiencing homelessness Direct giving project, as in giving a lump sum of cash directly to people experiencing homelessness. We hear about their innovative project, the New Leaf Project, and its key success factors, including: 

  • the ability to be innovative 
  • forming […]

Storytelling, impact investing and reshaping philanthropy, with Sadia Zaman, Inspirit Foundation CEO

Sadia and her small but mighty team at Inspirit Foundation are focused on shifting Canada to having more inclusive and equitable media and arts, impact investing, and philanthropy sectors.   

With a background in journalism, it should be no surprise that Sadia shares the power of storytelling to make change, and Inspirit follows through, providing platforms for voices to be heard, including through the Narrative Change Lab, particularly raising Muslim and Indigenous voices.   

We also hear about the bold objective set by the Foundation’s Board 5 years ago and just achieved, for Inspirit to be 100% […]

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Capturing your Secret Sauce in a powerful Theory of Change, with Melissa Sariffodeen, CEO of Canada Learning Code

It’s evident in this conversation that Melissa is a strong proponent of a non-profit having a Theory of Change – having a clear objective and a road map to get there.

She shares with us Canada Learning Code’s significant but achievable goal, and their journey of developing and living into a Theory of Change to deliver on that goal.  It has continued to be their guide through a re-branding and the unprecedented times presented by COVID-19.

You’ll hear how the Theory of Change has rigourously captured the organization’s secret sauce, to ensure that they stay focused on […]

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Challenge 2025, with Jim Vanderveken of Mohawk College: Building community and opportunity through workforce development

Today we are very pleased to welcome Jim Vanderveken to the podcast.  As the Dean of the Centre for Community Partnership and Experiential Learning, Jim leads Mohawk College’s strategic commitment to postsecondary access, partnership development at the community level, and experiential learning.   

In our conversation today, Jim and I talk about the work of City School and the Challenge 2025 initiative in Hamilton: how it started, some of the early achievements, challenges and hopes for the future.   

Challenge 2025 is an ambitious initiative to bring all of Hamilton together to develop and […]

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Philanthropy’s Transformational Change with Jean-Marc Mangin, CEO & President of Philanthropic Foundations Canada (PFC)

In this episode, Social Impact Advisors Partner Lynn Fergusson interviews Jean-Marc Mangin, CEO & President of Philanthropic Foundations Canada (PFC) about the state of the philanthropic sector, particularly in light of the challenges of COVID.  We hear how many nonprofits are in a dire situation as our society faces both the healthcare and economic effects of COVID.  The pandemic has highlighted the important work done by the charitable sector, the need for collaboration across sectors to address societal issues, and the transformational opportunity it presents.   



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