Our sector is moving to address immediate needs of clients as well as to begin building toward recovery in the months to come.

Our partners at Innoweave are launching two new supports for nonprofits and charities adapting to the COVID-19 emergency that we want you to know about.

Innoweave is offering Leading in a time of Crisis led by Kimberley Nemrava. The stream includes resources for decision-making, managing and communicating in times of crisis. Most importantly, sector leaders will be matched with experienced mentors in crisis management for confidential support.

At the same time, recognizing that the sector will be adapting to a new reality, Innoweave will support micro-coaching engagements for Innoweave coaches to provide strategic support.  The coaching parameters are broad, meant to address your immediate strategic needs.  We foresee organizations benefiting from leadership team facilitation in reviewing your Strategic Plan or Theory of Change and refocusing priorities, or supporting collectives to refine their goals and partnerships, or encouraging and establishing new partnerships.  Contact us to learn more about this free support.

“Innoweave coaching engagements normally last months, but over the next three months we want to pilot micro-coaching across our ten existing streams. Micro-coaching sessions would enable experts from the Innoweave network to provide strategic advice without requiring extensive applications or long engagements.” 
Response to COVID-19: Innoweave Platform Adaptations

Impact and Strategic Clarity is a foundational Innoweave stream that supports organizations in the sector to focus on the impact they intend, develop strategy to achieve it (using Theory of Change) and build strategic priorities for the short and medium term.  Strategic Clarity will be essential as charities and not-for-profits adjust to the new reality.  While part of your organization may be focused on immediate response, taking time to get senior leadership aligned on your organization’s intended impact, its most important goals and values, and how these will be realized, will be time well spent.

Innoweave is also accepting expressions of interest for all other coaching streams until April 15, 2020. Applicants who qualify will then be invited to submit a full application by June 1, 2020.

We can help navigate these options and support your team in planning and decision-making. Contact us at info@socialimpactadvisors.ca to start the conversation.

For more information about our services, including consulting and coaching in strategic planning, strategic clarity and collective impact, please write to us at info@socialimpactadvisors.ca.