In this episode, Social Impact Advisors Partner Lynn Fergusson interviews Jean-Marc Mangin, CEO & President of Philanthropic Foundations Canada (PFC) about the state of the philanthropic sector, particularly in light of the challenges of COVID.  We hear how many nonprofits are in a dire situation as our society faces both the healthcare and economic effects of COVID.  The pandemic has highlighted the important work done by the charitable sector, the need for collaboration across sectors to address societal issues, and the transformational opportunity it presents.   


COVID is the “great revealer”, according to Jean-Marc, as it has highlighted the inequities in our society – based on race, income, geography and more –  and caused the philanthropic sector to reassess its history, role, and approach in looking to address those inequities.  We hear about funders collaborating in these challenging times, applying an equity lens to their granting, and engaging in trust-based philanthropy.  These challenging times present an opportunity to modernize and transform the sector.   




Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) COVID-19 impact survey:  

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