Social Finance Fund

Many of our clients run or are considering a social enterprise. Even more are looking for new sources of funding. If this sounds like you, read on! In case you missed it, the Government of Canada announced a Social Innovation and Social Finance (SI/SF) Strategy late last year, with an update in June. In preparation for the launch of the Social Finance Fund in 2020, the Government is implementing an Investment Readiness Program (IRP) with several collaborators. “The Government will work with these partners to invest $50 million over two years to help social purpose organizations (SPO) become investment [...]

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Impact for Whom? Defining Beneficiaries

One of the most important considerations in building strategy for impact is establishing who your beneficiaries are. You want to be clear about for whom you are intentionally doing this work. This shows up at the very beginning of strategy building, in defining your Intended Impact Statement, which states the result we intend to be accountable for, for whom, and by when. The ‘for whom’ part can be tricky. Often, in an effort to be inclusive, organizations will include a very broad population in their plans and suggest that change for some percentage of them is a goal to [...]

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Building bridges for women and children, with Shawn Bayes of EFry

In this episode, Sally speaks with Shawn Bayes, the Executive Director of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver. EFry provides support services to women and children affected by the justice system. They discuss risk factors that lead women into conflict with the law, and the many effects of incarceration on women and their families. We also hear how Efry benefited from Innoweave's Impact & Strategic Clarity coaching module, and the changes born out of their Theory of Change. Resources: Innoweave Case Study: Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver: Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver: Shawn [...]

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Strategy and Relationships at L’Arche Canada, with Lori Vaanholt & Stephanie Garrow

This episode features a deep dive into L'Arche Canada, and how they have built a strategy for impact across a federated organization. Sally speaks with Lori Vaanholt, Director of Strategic Development and Innovation at L'Arche and Stephanie Garrow, of GarrowEvoy, a consultant and coach in Strategic Clarity. They discuss L'Arche as an organization, and the benefits of building relationships and developing their Theory of Change. We also chat about the advantages of a coaching relationship versus traditional consulting. Resources: L'Arche Canada: Garrow & Evoy: Lori Vaanholt on LinkedIn: Stephanie Garrow on LinkedIn: Find [...]

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Tides Canada’s Impact Focus, with Todd Jacques and Wendy Cooper

Todd Jacques and Wendy Cooper from Tides Canada join Lynn to discuss the ways in which, through an impact lens, Tides supports philanthropists and changemakers to better their communities. The conversation focuses on the importance of local involvement in place-based initiatives, and the foundation offering both an impact investing opportunity and a shared platform that allows community-led initiatives to focus on their mission while the foundation does the rest. Resources: Tides Canada:  Tides Canada shared platform:  Todd Jacques on LinkedIn: Wendy Cooper on LinkedIn:  Find out more about our work at Social Impact Advisors:  [...]

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Charitable Corporate Partnerships, with Brad Offman

Brad Offman, from Spire Philanthropy presents the case for charitable corporate partnerships: how they work and how they are changing. His conversation with Sally also delves into engaging employees, identifying assets, community investments and choosing the right partners. Resources: Spire Philanthropy: Corporate Partnership Conference: Brad Offman on LinkedIn:  Find out more about our work at Social Impact Advisors:  Check out this episode!

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