Building Trust for Collective Impact

Successful collective action requires clarity and trust. Organizations that are clear about the impact they are trying to have themselves are much better at collaborating with others.  An ability to demonstrate competence, reliability and honesty are foundational to earning trust from others. Trust Defined Trust is a big concept.  Even defining it is hard.  In the simplest terms, and to quote the philosopher Onora O’Neil[1]: “Trust is based on trustworthiness”.   People differ in their inclination to trust others. This tendency is developed by our learned experience: quite apart from what’s happening in the here and now, people who have [...]

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Thanks and farewell to Evgeny

Social Impact Advisors has been working on our launch and B Corp certification since March this year with the help of an amazing young man.  Evgeny Bezlyudnyy came to us through AIESEC at the University of Toronto.  He is finishing his undergraduate degree at Akademika Anokhina in Moscow and will be starting his Masters degree in International Management in Cologne in the fall. We were very fortunate to secure his services as part of an international placement arranged through AIESEC and he has been a great addition to our team. Evgeny has led our B Corp certification process - [...]

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Thinking Ahead: Making the Most of Your Strategic Planning Process

A day long training workshop with Sally Fazal and Lynn Fergusson of Social Impact Advisors (, an organization which works with not-for-profit organizations, foundations and companies to define and focus on the social impact they aim to achieve, and develop the strategies and actions to make it happen. The goal for the day will be to take a fresh look at strategic planning that’s inspiring, energizing and productive. You’ll learn about how to connect strategic planning with your impact in the world – developing plans that are clear, doable and make a difference. Date and Time: June 14, 2017 [...]

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How are you? Busy!

I look forward to the day when more of us will answer the question "How are you?" with something besides "Busy." So many not-for-profits are operating on a shoestring and their leaders are so busy keeping the lights on and putting out fires there is no time left over to think. Without some strategic clarity about what exactly we intend to accomplish and how we're going to get there, the viability and relevance of our organizations will decline over time. We won't know if our programs are delivering the impact we intend; we won't know if the programs are [...]

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Social Impact Advisors Launch

We are delighted to announce our new partnership – Social Impact Advisors.  We have been collaborating for years on our client work, from sharing our client journeys, outcomes, and lessons learned, to jointly developing and delivering workshops.  We will continue to coach/facilitate with the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation’s program, Innoweave, delivering Impact & Strategic Clarity, Collective Impact, and Scaling Impact to nonprofits across Canada. In this work, we enable clients to define and focus on the social impact they aim to achieve – the difference they will hold themselves accountable for achieving - and develop the practical strategies and [...]

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