I look forward to the day when more of us will answer the question “How are you?” with something besides “Busy.”

So many not-for-profits are operating on a shoestring and their leaders are so busy keeping the lights on and putting out fires there is no time left over to think.

Without some strategic clarity about what exactly we intend to accomplish and how we’re going to get there, the viability and relevance of our organizations will decline over time.

We won’t know if our programs are delivering the impact we intend; we won’t know if the programs are the right ones, delivered the best way and to the right people.  We won’t know who the best targets are for our advocacy efforts or what the best messages to deliver to them are.  Without strategic clarity, a lot of those hard -to-come-by resources will be allocated to less than effective busy-work.

Think about how great it would be to talk about how much impact we’re having instead of how busy we are. Great leaders take the time to think about that.  Social Impact Advisors can help.