Hope for the Homeless – with Proof, with Foundations for Social Change CEO Claire Elizabeth Williams

As co-founder and CEO of Foundations for Social Change, Claire Elizabeth Williams is getting global acclaim for North America's first direct giving project with people experiencing homelessness.  Direct giving project, as in giving a lump sum of cash directly to people experiencing homelessness. We hear about their innovative project, the New Leaf Project, [...]

Staff Message for the Season – Generosity, Collaboration, and Innovation

As we reflect on the past year, we are hopeful about the opportunities for healing and rebuilding we see within communities. This year the pandemic and global movements around Black Lives Matter and Indigenous rights have exposed long-standing inequities within our systems. We are inspired by our partners' and clients’ generosity, collaboration, and innovation during [...]

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Storytelling, impact investing and reshaping philanthropy, with Sadia Zaman, Inspirit Foundation CEO

Sadia and her small but mighty team at Inspirit Foundation are focused on shifting Canada to having more inclusive and equitable media and arts, impact investing, and philanthropy sectors.    With a background in journalism, it should be no surprise that Sadia shares the power of storytelling to make change, and Inspirit follows through, [...]

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