Our Approach

We work with ambitious organizations as facilitators, coaches and consultants.  We bring adaptable proven processes to help you focus your work and align your resources on the impact you aim to make, and build practical plans to achieve it. Our work is rewarding for us and transformative for our clients and the communities they serve. Impact & Strategic Clarity, Collective Impact, Strategic Planning Facilitation and Consulting. 

You are the expert in your field.  We help you identify strategic priorities and focus your resources to achieve the most impact for the people you serve and the causes you champion.

Great strategy is the tightest fit possible between your resources and the impact you intend. We help you create practical strategic plans that ensure your impact is achieved through organizational, financial, communications and change management initiatives.

Our facilitation, coaching, strategic planning and strategic clarity projects help clients focus their resources and ensure the greatest impact.

 Our impact comes from helping great organizations achieve more.